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At the core of DigiRev lies GroundWorks

The GroundWorks subscription is all about simplicity. Its purpose is to make business effortless and sustainable. With the right platforms, tools, and foundation, business owners and entrepreneurs can feel empowered to easily build their businesses.

When you join GroundWorks, you’ll receive an introductory one-on-one consultation, along with a comprehensive tool kit containing the simplest and most user-friendly software, marketing tools, and website templates to facilitate your work. We’ll work together to craft a robust foundation that will enable you to develop your business effortlessly.

My clients have the option to build themselves up on their own, rooted in a nurturing foundation, or to tap into any of my individual services for some deeper support, as well as to upgrade to a more intricate membership at any time. Book a free consultation with me to learn more about how I can help YOU specifically!

The GroundWorks Subscription

What does GroundWorks include?

  • High-quality hosting 
  • A domain name 
  • Pre-installed and ready-to-go WordPress site
  • DIVI website-building tools and templates 
  • A personalized website plugin list 
  • Integrated SEO software
  • Website security, including an SSL certificate
  • Website maintenance 
  • Daily site backups 
  • Site speed tools including DNS and website optimization
  • As-needed software and plugin updates
  • Monthly site inspections to keep everything optimized for both speed and security
  • Monthly support calls to personalize your site’s tool belt (plugins, tools, integrations, etc.)



How do I book?

Before booking, I ask that you schedule an initial complimentary consultation with me. This call usually lasts anywhere between 5-15 minutes. We’ll discuss this service, what you can get out of it, and how it will work for you specifically. After our call, I’ll send you the booking link!

What are the costs?


I highly recommend upgrading to my VIP membership which includes mentoring so that you can get the most out of GroundWorks.

What exactly is GroundWorks?

Essentially, what I’ve done is compiled my favorite tools, platforms, and software, and bundled them all together into an effortless and simple subscription for all of my clients to access without having to go in 10 different directions, and without having to worry about the nitty-gritty details of maintaining a website.

GroundWorks includes website hosting, a ready-to-go WordPress site with the Divi website building tools (a seamless, beautiful visual builder), an abundance of premade templates, integrated SEO software, a personalized plugin list, monthly mentoring calls, site maintenance and security, and more.

Upgrade to the VIP membership

GroundWorks VIP

In addition to the GroundWorks package, this package includes 1:1 website coaching sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to explore any or all services and learn how to perform them yourself, empowering you to take control of your online presence.

What is website/content mentoring?

Website/content coaching is business coaching but specialized in web design and content generation. I will act as your guide and steer you toward success on your journey through this digital era. Collaboratively, we can strategize and brainstorm to achieve your goals. This coaching is ideal for individuals looking to create meaningful content that represents their business, as well as those who experience creative blocks and need assistance in keeping their ideas flowing.

Furthermore, I will ensure that you’re maximizing the potential of the platform and you’re getting the most out of the provided tools. During our sessions, we’ll walk through the web-building tools and templates together, helping you craft your content and build your website piece by piece.

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