Let’s talk philosophy

These resources and philosophers have greatly influenced DigiRev’s approach and methodology, which will be applied to all those who choose to join the DigiRev platform.

Simon Sinek, author of several books, including “Start with Why,” advocates for infusing businesses with purpose and intention by focusing on their “why” and mission rather than solely on their products or services. By delving into the deeper purpose behind what they do, businesses can approach their work with more heart and create a greater sense of passion and motivation. I find this approach to be authentic and inspiring, and it has helped to infuse work with more meaning and drive.

I love this because I believe it to be a genuine, heart-forward approach and it’s infused my work with so much more passion and purpose, which creates more drive and motivation.

Gay Hendricks proposes a concept called the “zone of genius” and three other zones, which can help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses. This approach enables entrepreneurs to leverage their strengths and acquire new skills in other areas to improve their business.

I find this philosophy refreshing because many entrepreneurs feel the pressure to handle every aspect of their business, which leads to burnout and a lack of focus on their underlying purpose.

By recognizing your zone of genius and other areas that need attention, you’re able to delegate tasks and streamline their businesses to better serve their purpose. To learn more about this approach, please refer to my full blog.

Flint McGlaughlin goes deep into customer psychology and authentic marketing strategies. He talks about creating a website that is truly a reflection of the heart of your business and creating an effortless, straightforward experience for your audience. Your website is the face of your brand, so it’s vital that it embodies the very tone, character, and authenticity of your business so that it can reach your audience with a greater impact. While Simon Sinek focuses on the WHY, Flint focuses on the WHO. 

In his work, Flint McGlaughlin delves into the psychology of customers and emphasizes the importance of authentic marketing strategies. He advocates for creating a website that truly reflects the heart of your business and provides an effortless, straightforward experience for your audience. As the face of your brand, your website must embody the tone, character, and authenticity of your business to make a meaningful impact on your audience.